Have Your AC system checked before the summer heat kicks in!

Author: Paul Rich

Like everything else we depend on in the desert, HVAC systems in southern Nevada have to perform in harsh summer conditions. Even the thriftiest among us may have their AC units run almost 24 hours a day during the hottest part of the year. As a result of such frequent use, components tend to wear out and you may end up stuck without cool air in your home and costly repairs unless you have seasonal maintenance scheduled.

While this maintenance cannot guarantee a breakdown in your HVAC, it does help prevent some major failures and extend the life of your system. Amilton Silva with Fast Response Service in Las Vegas recommends the following:

  • Regularly changing air filters- at least monthly but no longer than every 60 days.
  • Making sure the surroundings of your outdoor units are clear of debris, plants, and other obstructions (1/20 of an inch of dust can reduce your energy efficiency by up to 15%).
  • Using ceiling fans in the house set to the correct direction for the season to help with airflow in the house.
  • Replace the thermostat batteries and checking the programming of your thermostat to make sure it is correct for the season.
  • Readjust vents in each room to make sure you get proper airflow (but do not close more than 10% of the vents).

The best recommendation they give is to have a professional perform seasonal maintenance service to thoroughly inspect your entire system, including electrical, ductwork, cleaning the unit, and more.

A final reminder- smaller repairs, if not addressed, can lead to bigger breakdowns if not attended to.

At Achieve Real Estate and Management, LLC, we make HVAC maintenance a priority for the rental properties we manage. That is why our resident benefits package includes delivery of HVAC air filters every 60 days, with tenants required to show proof of installation. For more maintenance tips or to inquire about property management services, call broker/owner Paul Rich at Achieve Real Estate and Management, LLC. Call 702-560-5792 or email Paul@achieverelv.com.

For information on seasonal HVAC maintenance offered by Fast Response, contact their office at 702-850-HVAC (4822).