From the Developer – Winter 2022

As we near the year-end, the hectic pace of our construction activity is increasing. While the pool and first pickleball court are completed, the pace on our outdoor bar and entertainment area, elevator, and stage area is rapidly moving, and hopefully will be completed by mid-February. The fitness complex outer shell is constructed, but we have held off on the interiors until we get more data on the size of spa rooms required. We are looking at bringing in a regeneration component in that new area. Everyone in our community is interested in staying as young as possible and we think we should be helpful in that effort.
We are also anxious to open and expand our café area out into the new northern expansion area. The café will serve healthy foods, hors d’ oeuvres, wine, and beer. It will out overlook the stadium tennis courts, pickleball court, park area, and pool. It should be a great venue to meet with friends and visit while enjoying good food and wines.

The big news is that we have decided to redecorate the entire club again. After seeing the decor in the new proposed Pinnacle Development, I realized it was time to redecorate the club to bring it more in line with what the Pinnacle will offer. Almost all areas of the club will be redecorated.

The lobby will be started, with an impressive front desk. The lobby wood will be lightened so it will be light and contemporary. The floor will be changed (Thank God). The lobby will blend into the Onyx Bar which will be improved with cushioned bar edges and backlit with striped onyx behind the liquor bottles. Furniture and tables will add uniformity to the room and allow our members to have more room. The hallway will be done with a more contemporary trophy case.

The Pro Shop will be completely redone and feel lighter and more open. The Dragon Ridge Grill will be restructured. Windows will be floor to ceiling with accordian window doors. The deck outside will be expanded slightly and accordian glass windows installed which can be open o nice days and closed when it is too cold or windy. As you know, most of our mesquites along the entry are diseased and need to be removed. They will be removed and replaced with date palms which will enhance our view of the Las Vegas strip. New furniture will add an upscale touch and make the room more stylish and usable.

The Montrose Dining Room will be completely redone. We will remove the bulky rock walls and replace with a wood covering reminiscent of the entry desk. Furniture will be more movable, yet stylish. You will find it much easier to move your chair and yet more comfortable. The carpet in the room will be darker and create a warm and stylish image.

The fitness plans are even more exciting. I am extremely impressed with plans to redo the various workout and spa area. Both locker rooms will be reworked and beautifully executed. You will be pleased with the new plans.
We are now preparing to open our last phase of lots – Phase 3. I expect these lots to “fly off the shelves” so if you have been giving thought to getting a lot with an exceptional as Las Vegas strip view, this is going to be your last chance. Even as the market has increased our prices, compared to other projects west of the freeway, our lots have better views and lot prices and are still a bargain. Our amenities are unparalleled.

New on the horizon look forward to two new pickleball areas and potentially some new trails into the mountain behind us.

Many exciting things are going on. See you at the Club