Travel in Today’s Environment

While everyone needs to make up their own mind about how Covid is going to impact their travel arrangements, Rich and I continue to travel. We are healthy. We are fully vaccinated and have to had the booster shot. We have traveled several times this year to Panama and are scheduled to leave in September for Spain and Portugal on a cruise, and in December to the Christmas markets in Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, and Budapest. We feel we are as protected as we can be, and if we are vigilant and wear our masks, we can continue to travel and enjoy our lives. Our cruise in September requires full vaccination and a Covid test at the dock before getting onto the ship. Airlines require Covid tests to international destinations, and most cruise ships require a Covid test and full vaccinations as well. We are also required to get a Covid test to return to the US. I feel safer knowing that the other passengers on my trips have tested negative.

The United States: You would think we could go anywhere easily as long as we have had the vaccine. Not so. Verify the information below before traveling because it changes almost daily. Be sure to check for updates of both states and cities before traveling.

For more information and to book your next trip, call Paige MacDonald at A Destination Travel, 702-606-0993 cell/text or 702-248-1234 work. Get more travel inspiration at As Nevada’s only Virtuoso agency, we can offer the following exclusive perks and upgrades through our Virtuoso travel suppliers.

I have had several members and homeowners ask about starting a travel club. I think that is a terrific idea and one we can certainly implement. If you are interested, please contact me and we will set up an open meeting where everyone can put in suggestions for future trips. In previous years, we have put together skiing trips, golf trips, tours, cruises, local concerts and concerts in other cities. You can reach me at 702-499-6223.