From the Developer – Fall 2021

Our construction projects are nearing an end. The pool is almost completed. We’re just waiting on lights, which have been shipped from the east coast and are floating around somewhere. When the lights are installed, we can then complete the fence, plaster, and fill the pool.
The stucco and paint have been completed on the expansion of the fitness center (the exterior), so our focus, now, moves to the interior.
The new courtyard, at the main clubhouse, is being planted, and the perimeter wall is being installed, which will then allow us to pour the deck for the entertainment area. The elevator is being installed, and the outdoor bar is being started. Building has been very difficult in today’s environment. Between inspection and plan approval delays, coupled with supply issues, the timeframes have been frustrating and slow. We are, however, close to completion.
By now, most of you are aware of the new high-rise being planned for the extreme eastern edge of the community. It is the only place we would allow such a use because it doesn’t block anyone’s view. In reviewing the plans for that development, I was impressed with the interior decorating and contacted the decorators, which we have now retained. They are going to redecorate the lobby, Onyx Bar, Montrose, Dragon Grill, Golf Shop, and Fitness Center. Our clubhouse needs to be on a par with the houses we have in our community. Why would you go to a club that isn’t as nice as the house you live in? Hence, our new remodeling program. We will keep you in the loop as we progress.
We are completing sales on Phase 5 (our highest elevation lots) and are nearing opening Phase 3, our last 30 lots. Once they are gone, we’ll have no lots left to develop, houses will be constructed, and the community will be built out. If you have always wanted a high lot with a great view, please contact our sales office quickly because we could be sold out sooner than you think.