From the Developer – Summer 2021

We are approaching the summer season with fewer than 13 lots remaining plus 35 lots in Phase 5 (on the top of the mountain). Once we open the 30 lots in Phase 3, there will be no lots available in MacDonald Highlands, so the message now is, if you have considered buying another view lot – do it now, or you may miss out! Do not procrastinate.

On the construction front, the new pool should be finished in mid-July and Pickle Ball court should be completed by the end of June, and the new fitness building will probably be completed closer to September. e entire facility will be repainted, and the new café will be expanded to the north. We have new spa areas to be added to the Stephanie side of the building, and these will be interesting. Aside from the beautiful massage rooms, we plan to add anti-aging, state of the art technology to assist our members in maintaining optimum health and keep looking younger. Our plan is to remake the entire building to bring it up to today’s standards. e men’s and women’s restrooms will be reversed to facilitate our women’s access through the back hallways to the new spa treatment rooms. e HOA also has plans for more Pickle Ball courts near the parking lots in the Valle Verde park.

In the main clubhouse, we should have the new open-air covered bar completed by September if the City cooperates. e new elevator will allow access to the Montrose and Grand Highlands Ballroom from the new open-air garden meeting area, which will accommodate 300 people or more.

The fall should see our club construction completed and ready for use, so I wish all of you a wonderful summer and will look forward to seeing you at the club, and do not procrastinate on the lots if you are interested.