From the Developer – Spring 2021

We are getting things done in spite of COVID! Our old swimming pools are gone, we’ve located eight canary palms for the new courtyard, designs are progressing on the new waterfall and stages. We are waiting on the new elevator up to the ballroom and Montrose Room and the extension of our old snack outdoor bar/restaurant with adjacent fire pits. Keep your fingers crossed. We hope to begin actual construction
on this project soon, so I can get trees planted, decks poured, etc.

On another note, we finally got approval from the Health District for the new pool. Now we have to build a new sewer line in case we want to drain our pool. This is a challenge because the point of connection is 17 feet below the street, and they want us to start 11 feet below the pool. Obviously, we are not doing that. We’ve redesigned it to build it the way we want to do it. We’re moving to get this approved so we can start construction of the pool. If all goes well, we should be swimming before summer!

Our fitness park towards the end of MacDonald Ranch Drive is almost completed. We are waiting now for the actual fitness stations to be installed. That is moving along nicely. Pickle Ball courts are also in the works, and we will keep you advised on the completion dates.

The best news on our developing community is that we’re making significant gains in our plans to complete the community’s development. Last year was our best year ever, and we started the new year with 50% of the previous year’s sales volume waiting to close. I truly believe we may sell our last lots within 12-18 months! That is genuinely an incredible situation, but our community is red hot! The biggest news is that our new lots are simply the Best Lots in the Las Vegas Valley. Nothing even comes close! We will be announcing some exciting news shortly on new projects in the community, but 2021 will be an exciting year at MacDonald Highlands.

As I’ve said before, if you have been thinking of moving to a hillside view location, this is your time. We are literally going to be out of product over the next year to a year and a half, and you and your family deserve the best – so don’t miss out!

See you at the club,
Rich MacDonald