My New Year Resolution Is…

Nicole MacDonald Realtor – MacDonald Highlands

“In 2021, I hope to spend more time with my friends!”

Tia McClaurin MacDonald Highlands Security Guard

“To spend as much time as possible with family.”

Victoria Crockett Realtor at Sothebys - MacDonald Highlands

“…to find some balance.”

Stephanie Furstahl Fitness Specialist/ Academy Director

“To never stop thriving! Life happens FOR US NOT TO US. Smile through the obstacles and know everything happens for a reason.”

Enrique Ornelas-Beltran Kitchen Staff – Dragon Grille

“To focus on health. Health is the most important thing and without that nothing else matters.”

Mike Davis Director of Golf Instruction – DragonRidge Country CLub

“To be able to play golf after my hip replacement surgery scheduled for January.”

Ashley Powell Graphic Designer – DragonRidge Country Club

“To explore new and exciting things with my daughter.”

Francesco Fusco Golf Cart Attendant – DragonRidge Country Club

“To be successful in real estate and be happy in what I do.”

Lissett Young Receptionist – DragonRidge Country Club

“To make more time for myself to concentrate on my art and work on my portfolio.”

Adolph Huddleston Director of Tennis – DragonRidge Country Club

“To stay strong! 2020 was a year of discovery. We experienced lows in our lives that for most of us we never have dealt with but it has also brought great triumphs through the struggles the we can and will make it. We are stronger and we are better! ”