From the Developer – Winter 2021

As bad as the “pandemic” has been on our DragonRidge Country Club, our community is absolutely thriving. I cannot remember when buyers flocked to our community in such droves. The exciting thing is that what we have left to offer are some of the best lots in the community. The mountain continues to take shape, and prospective buyers are pushing us to create our new custom lots even faster. MacDonald Highlands continues to set records.

The country club has weathered the storm as best we can. The Governor has made doing business as difficult as he possibly can. I believe this virus is insignificant unless you’re older or have complicating conditions. My wife Claire had it and had no problem with it. My daughter Nicole and I didn’t even catch it.

Speaking of my daughter Nicole, she’s putting investment groups together to build “spec houses” and is now working on her third house. Nothing wrong with making a few bucks on this incredible market. Frankly, she’s better at it than I am!

The new pool and fitness remodel are moving much slower than I’d prefer, but with City staff working from home, there’s not much work getting done. Frankly, this is insane. This flu isn’t any worse than the swine flu, Asian flu, bird flu, or any other previous cases of flu that we have had. There is no reason we can’t get approval on plans that have been in since July. In any event, we’re about to demo and fill in the old pool and begin work around the main clubhouse, adding an elevator, building a new bar and restaurant, and adding significant landscaping and a new waterfall. Once completed, we will have much nicer amenities for the club.

We are still waiting for the expansion of the fitness building. I may start to repaint and freshen things up while our “fearless leader” has diminished our capacity to use this facility. We plan to begin to cut into areas of the fitness center to start our infrastructure work, sewer lines, etc., and walls for the new swimming pool. It should be excellent this summer for swimming and sunning, and our new café and massage areas will be a great addition to our amenities. We are also planning three pickleball courts, one by the fitness center and two others by the tennis courts on Foothills Village Drive.

See you at the club,
Rich MacDonald