Rich MacDonald - The Highlander

From the Developer – Summer 2020

The Covid-19 has played havoc with many of our development plans. Most of our consultants have been staying home, which greatly impacts the process. Now that we are learning that the virus is not as deadly as we were originally told, they are now beginning to work once more.

Our plan to expand the fitness building (downstairs) is now moving ahead. Our plan to move the pool to the fitness area (in the volleyball court that no one uses) is now beginning to jell. The front fountains on Valle Verde are being redone and should be completed next month. Our plan to revise the pool area at the clubhouse is also being revised. The noisy fountain will be eliminated, and a natural waterfall will run along the CMU block wall. The pool will be demoed (after the new pool is completed) and replaced with a series of decks. The snack bar will be expanded to include a bar, and there will be an elevator that will transport people to the ballroom. The trees in the deck areas will be primarily palm trees and other large tree specimens. It should be a great spot for parties, weddings, and club social events.

We have conceptional plans for our small fitness park off MacDonald Ranch Drive, and that should start in the fall. This park will contain several workout stations. We are also looking into constructing a pickleball court (paddle tennis) in the sand area next to the fitness building. This should be a popular addition to the sports area.

On the development front, the eastern area of MacDonald Mountain is moving along on schedule. We have one new phase of lots which should be completed by the end of the year and sales should start in the fall. Obviously, the rest of the mountain is being done at the same time and should be completed within 18 months. That will complete all of the major development work in the community, and after that, only housing construction will occur in MacDonald Highlands.

It is certainly an exciting time in our community, and we expect to celebrate our 20th-anniversary party in the fall. Get ready for more fireworks in the fall.

See you at the club,