A Life Long Sport

Q&A with Adolph Huddleston Director of Tennis DragonRidge Country Club

Author: Charlotte Evens

Tennis has been called the sport for a lifetime, a sport of both vigor and skill, tennis is entirely accessible to everyone, no matter your level of experience or age. While some spend their lives perfecting their skills, tennis is all too perfect for those who want to have a quick weekend match. But where to start? We sat down with our Director of Tennis at DragonRidge Adolph Huddleston.

Q: You’ve been coaching tennis since 1990 and have several awards under your belt. Is there one that stands out to you?

A: Most recently, I received the National Junior Coach of the Year Award for 2019 from the Intermountain National Committee. It’s a real honor.

Q: Since you came to DragonRidge Country Club in 2016, has the Tennis Program expanded?

A: Yes! Over the last few years, I’ve seen our Junior Program explode! I’ve seen our adult program explode! We have 17 USTA league teams here. That’s incredible considering the number of courts we have, and we all make it work. The whole program has expanded. It’s exciting!

Q: How would you describe our tennis program?

A: Our program is very diverse. It caters to our Members. We offer non-member Lessons, USTA leagues, club socials, and Sanctioned USTA Jr. Tournaments. We have daily drop-in clinics that are provided to members and non-members. We are a club that offers programming for the entire community.

Q: If someone in the community hasn’t played much tennis before, but is thinking about starting, what do you tell them?

A: Tennis is one of the best sports for everything! It’s great for your heart, for your mind, for your body, and for enjoyment. To get out and play is such a privilege in life! It’s one of those sports you can play your entire life, no matter what age you are. I encourage everyone to play tennis, no matter who you are, and what level you play, just play.

Q: As we emerge from this Coronavirus pandemic, how do you see the Tennis program evolving at DragonRidge Country Club?

A: We’re all excited to be looking forward these days. The fall will be great! Our pro tournament is coming back to DragonRidge Country Club, and we are so proud to be the host of that. As for our Tennis Program, I’d like for tennis to be even bigger here, and we are headed that way. I want the program to grow from one of competitive league play to one that is larger and encompasses more of the social events and fun of the club. It’s the way to get more people playing tennis, and we are on our way there.