Findlay Volkswagen Henderson
Author: Zak Lodhi

“Artem,” the Latin word for art, is where the new VW Arteon takes its namesake from. It is quite clear to see why, as the cutting visage of VW’s latest vehicle has been upgraded for 2020. After the shocking reveal of the 2019 Arteon, VW has continued to pursue its new direction of sedans, and the 2020 Artem is a worthy successor. Crafted with great artistry, the 2020 Artem is a testament to the technology available to costumers today. Sensors and cameras cover every side of the Artem and unlock a wide array of features. Adaptive cruise control enables your vehicle to adapt to the car in front of you, slowing down and speeding up with it. The blind-spot monitor will notify you if an object is in your side blind spots. If you activate lane assist, your car will recorrect itself if you drift out of your lane without using your turning signal. 360 view camera, which is almost standard now, is, of course, included, with a broader range from the front and back cameras. And the crown jewel of technological additives, the auto parallel parking takes the guesswork out of it. However, while technology is the headliner for VW’s 2020 Artem, it’s namesake is art, and the Artem is practically a work of modern art. The 112-inch wheelbase allows passengers and drivers an incredible range of motion, affording comfort not seen in most Sedans. A low silhouette with a smooth un-curved back is instantly recognizable; a streamlined shape resembles a shark as it cuts through the wind. And the 27 cubic foot trunk exceeds almost every other sedan on the market. The seats can be both heated and massaging, and are so comfortable you’ll never want to leave. There’s nothing like an available power panoramic sunroof that tilts and slides to shine a little natural light on your drive. As Top Gear said, “It’ll turn heads: we’ve never seen anything from VW so obviously and extravagantly styled.”

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