Golden Without Borders

Author: Zak Lodhi

Goldens without borders is a little bit of a confusing name. The “Goldens” that the organization’s name refers to is the dog Golden Retrievers.  All the Golden Retrievers that are rescued by GW/OB  are spayed or neutered, receive all appropriate veterinary care and treatment, and will be placed in foster care while awaiting their forever homes. Dogs with the greatest needs take priority, saving homeless dogs from the countries who’s shelters can’t hold them. Because of the limited resources in these countries, dogs either live out their lives in a shelter or are euthanized. The lucky ones are put on the streets or in the forests. However, Golden Retrievers being the sweethearts they are, don’t survive well on the streets. They aren’t good pack animals and won’t fight back, so their survival depends on people helping them. Goldens without borders does this by international networking and partnerships with many volunteers and rescues all across the world. Goldens Without Borders relies solely on donations and is tax-deductible.

Morgo Rogat and DragonRidge Country Club hosted a very successful adoption event “Yappy Hour Adoption Event.” Keep an eye out for the next adoption event.